super simple sites is a series of provocatively simple websites; digital artefacts to reflect on or be irritated by. contrasting the current state of the web, which is seemingly all about analytics, ad revenue, deception / exploitation of users, mindless media consumption, template culture, [...], this project plays with alternative metaphors, in an attempt to re-introduce an element of humility, honesty, and humor.

longing for a return to more experimentation and expression (as it used to be the case in the pre-web 2.0 era), it is an invitation to ask what is a website?, and beyond that what else could a website be?. what if it was a sculpture — a poem — a friendly gesture — an open-ended question — a performance — an organism — a receptacle — an intervention — a proxy?

the sites are all based on a simple statement – each one having a single underlying principle, function or interaction.
is a website that is just its analytics report
is a websites that keeps eye contact with you
is a website that lets you leave something behind for the next person
is a website that is all its past versions